Cooking like my UK Blokes

My favorite chefs are Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. I also adore Ming Tsai and Lidia Bastianich. Although Lidia tends to focus mostly on Italian cuisine and Ming focuses on East-West Fusion, my UK blokes span out even more by creating dishes of numerous origins and dietary preferences. They embrace my “variety is the spice of life” approach to cooking.

I am currently absorbed in “Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking” show on Hulu (which aired in 2013). He introduces budding chefs and home cooks to a variety of cuisine, creating dishes that are simple and flavorful in his distinctive straightforward manner. Not without his “Gordon Ramsay flare” he brings his children into the kitchen during demonstrations, and as he teaches them cooking skills he is also teaching his viewers cooking skills. Due to his direct and simple nature the recipes he introduces are often presented without cues on specific ingredient measurements. He’ll even throw an ingredient or two into the mixture without a single comment to the camera, and when specific measurements are given, they’re sometimes given in metric system format, leaving Americans the task of translation.

So, seeing as I am delighted by all twenty episodes, I would like to share some of these recipes on my blog. There is a cookbook to accompany this show, but I won’t be purchasing this $35 hardcover. My goal is to record my favorites from the show, approximate missing measurements, and translate anything from the metric system to make the recipes easier to follow. With some I will need to make ingredient substitutions for components that are not easily accessible to my region or too expensive for the common home cook. Furthermore, they will not be posted on my blog unless the dishes turn out well!

Stay tuned!

Fun Fact: Gordon Ramsay has a British Shorthair named “Ernie” who appears in his “Ultimate Home Cooking” show.

Food Fact: Coriander is another name for Cilantro. The English usually call it Coriander, while people in the States call it Cilantro.



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I'm a mother, writer, fitness fan, and home cook who is excited to share my culinary experiences with you. I love cooking a variety of dishes... from international cuisine to party foods to the healthiest "fit foods" you can find. I really do believe that variety is the "spice of life", especially when it comes to cooking... and I cherish every moment in the kitchen!

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